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Please Note!

To attend this course a valid FAA class 3 medical is mandatory; to find the nearest examiner in your vicinity please refer to the following website: aero medical certification or simply ask us for help Please arrange your medical examination if necessary. The costs for this medical check are around Euro 100.-

The confirmed enrollment for the course will be made after the completed payment for the course is settled.

Please make sure the due payments are made within 28 days after the receipt of the account notice and at least 21 days before the scheduled start of the course to ensure your confirmed enrollment and participation for the targeted course.

A full refund of registration fees will be available if requested in writing (mailed, faxed, emailed) and received 14 days before the course starts, less the actual cancellation costs incurred with the associated partners (Hotel, NTPS).

After that date an additionally 10% administration fee will also be charged. This fee can be applied in full for a later course.

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