Program Schedule Supersonic Flight Demonstration Course

Location Map

SAT Arrival (usually via Los Angeles) at Lancaster, California
Check in at the Essex House (Hotel & Raquet Club), Lancaster
Welcome drink starting at 5:30 pm
SON Day off
Late briefing in "The Pub".
Please regard this day off as part of the program enabling you to relax after your arrival journey to stay fit and get focused for the days to come.
MON Welcome tour at the NTPS
Introduction, handout books & papers
Academics: Aerodynamics
TUE Academics: Aircraft Performance
Academics: Energy Management
Safety instructions (procederes, ejection seat etc.)
Cockpit familiarization
WED Subsonic flight sortie with the Aermacchi Impala (various maneuvers)
Active planning, briefing, de-briefing
THR Supersonic flight sortie with the Saab Draken (various maneuvers)
Active planning, briefing, de-briefing
Late de-briefing with the course at the "Wings and a Prayer"
FRI Contingency day (for delayed / postponed sorties)
Optional field trips to certain aviation companies or installations can be arranged
Farewell drink in the "The Pub"
SAT Departure day