The ZERO ("REISEN") is with no doubt the most famous and notorious historical combat aircraft of the former imperial Japanese Navy and Air Force which was at its outcome on the pacific war scene the superiority fighter of its time!
2 almost identical aircraft (of 3 worldwide flyable samples) are now for sale.
These were salvaged in the early 90`s in New Guinea and professionally restored using the Pratt & Whitney R-1830 (14-Cyl. radial) engine with 1200 hp which is almost identical in design and performance to the originally used Nakajima Sakae NK-21 engine, using the metrically converted blueprints of the American engine(!).
The aircrafts are in meticulous flying show-condition with appr. 100 h since restauration, for sale single or as package.

Price asked $ 1.2 Mio.

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